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Commodity Guide Page
The Commodity Guide Page provides general product-related information and may serve as a tool to help regulatory officials identify fruits and vegetables intercepted at U.S. ports of entry. A flag ( Access Restricted to APHIS/CBP ) indicates information that is intended for and available to an APHIS/CBP audience only.
Lime (Sour) Citrus aurantiifolia, Citrus latifolia Commodity Summary
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Approved Name: Lime (Sour) 
Scientific Name(s): Citrus aurantiifolia, Citrus latifolia 
Common Name(s): Bearss lime, Egyptian lime, Indian lime, Key lime, Limette, Limettenbaum, Limone, Mexican lime, Persian lime, Tahiti lime, Tahitilimette, West Indian lime, citron vert, citronnier gallet, doc, kagzi nimboo, kagzi nimbu, lai meng, lima, lima Tahiti, lima de Persia, lima mejicana, lima-ácida, lime acid, limeira, limero, limettier, limettier Tahiti, limettier de Perse, limettier des Antilles, limettier mexicain, limoo, limão, limão-galego, limão-tahiti, limón agrio, limón ceutí, persische Limette, saure Limette 
Belongs to: Citrus  
Related to/ Includes:  

  • Does not include sweet lime (Citrus limettioides).  (Sweet limes tend to be round, medium-sized, sweet and juicy yellow fruit)
  • Similar to lemons in shape and appearance but generally have no apical nipple
  • Tend to have greenish, generally seedless flesh which is juicy but has a sour taste
  • May also be entered under the broader category, "Citrus"
  • Citrus aurantifolia and Citrus latifolia have the same entry status
Season Information: No Seasonal Information available
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