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Commodity Guide Page
The Commodity Guide Page provides general product-related information and may serve as a tool to help regulatory officials identify fruits and vegetables intercepted at U.S. ports of entry. A flag ( Access Restricted to APHIS/CBP ) indicates information that is intended for and available to an APHIS/CBP audience only.
Corn Smut Galls Ustilago maydis Commodity Summary
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Approved Name: Corn Smut Galls 
Scientific Name(s): Ustilago maydis 
Common Name(s): Mexican caviar, Mexican truffles, corn smut galls, cuitlacoche (huitlacoche), maize mushroom 
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Description: Corn smut galls","
  • Fruiting bodies of Ustilago maydis
  • Galls may be naked or attached to parts of the corn plant
  • Galls of corn smut (Ustilago maydis) are tumorlike and covered with glistening, greenish to silvery-white tissue
  • Galls may be found on any above ground part
  • Sclerotia of horse's tooth ergot (Claviceps gigantea) are white to grayish-brown and comma-shaped, resembling a horse's tooth (hence their Spanish name, diente de caballo)
  • Sclerotia are on the ear, replacing the corn kernels
  • May be several sclerotia per ear
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