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Effective October 1, 2022 the Fruits and Vegetables Import Requirements (FAVIR) database has been replaced by the Agricultural Commodity Import Requirements database at

Commodity Summary: Approved Countries
The Commodity Summary displays all the countries (or regions) from which the specified commodity may be imported. Columns displaying plant part and Port(s) of Entry are shown, as it is possible for an import to be regulated differently based upon those factors. Select a row (open) to open the Commodity Import Requirements (CIR) for that result. A flag ( Access Restricted to APHIS/CBP ) indicates information that is intended for and available to an APHIS/CBP audience only.
New Zealand Spinach Tetragonia tetragonoides Guide Page
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CIR Country Plant Part Port(s) of Entry
open Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands Flower; Leaf  Guam
open Guam Flower; Leaf  CNMI
open Israel Flower; Leaf  All Ports
open Micronesia (Federated States of) Flower; Leaf  Guam and CNMI
open Palau Flower; Leaf  Guam and CNMI
open Palestinian Authority, West Bank Flower; Leaf  All Ports
While New Zealand Spinach is directly related to other FAVIR commodities listed below, it may not be regulated in the same way. Please check those Commodity Summaries for more specific information regarding the applicable import requirements:
Belongs To:
Leaf: An above-ground plant organ specialized for photosynthesis.
Flower: An axis bearing one or more pistils or one or more stamens or both. When only the former, it is a pistillate (female) flower; when only the latter, a staminate (male) flower; when both, a perfect (bisexual or hermaphroditic) flower. When a perfect flower is surrounded by a perianth representing two floral envelopes (the inner envelope the corolla, the outer the calyx), it is a complete flower.
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