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Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service logo Fruits and Vegetables Import Requirements (FAVIR)

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Commodity Import Report (CIR)

Banana (Fruit; Leaf) from Ghana into All Ports
The CIR contains current import regulation information for the selected Commodity Import (a specific commodity approved from a designated country, or region, into one or more designated ports). A flag ( Access Restricted to APHIS/CBP ) indicates information that is intended for and available to an APHIS/CBP audience only.
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  Short Description    
ATTENTION: No imports of FRUIT are authorized at this time. DETAILS  

Import Requirements
1 Admissible Ports: All Ports
2 Subject to Inspection: This commodity is subject to inspection at the port of entry and all general requirements of 7 CFR 319.56-3.
3 Admissible Plant Parts: Leaf
  3.1 Import Permit Required: An Import Permit is required. To obtain a permit, go to APHIS eFile.
4 Admissible Plant Parts: Fruit
  4.1 Commercial Consignments Only
  4.2 Import Permit Required: NOTICE: program phytosanitary requirements designed for this commodity to meet U.S. entry requirements have not been met. Therefore, import permits will not be issued at this time.
  4.3 Federal Order: Upon USDA authorization, consignments will be allowed entry into the U.S. under one of the following conditions:
  • Grown in an APHIS-recognized pest-free area
  • Grown under a systems approach approved in 7 CFR 319.56, which includes that host material was grown in an APHIS-approved, pest-exclusionary structure
  • Treated using irradiation T105-a-1

For additional information, see Federal Import Quarantine Order for Host Materials of Bactrocera invadens (=B. dorsalis) (Ciptera, Tephritidae), invasive fruit fly species [].
Commodity Information
5 For additional commodity information and images, visit  
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