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Commodity Import Report (CIR)

Cantaloupe (Fruit) from Ecuador into NA and NP
The CIR contains current import regulation information for the selected Commodity Import (a specific commodity approved from a designated country, or region, into one or more designated ports). A flag ( Access Restricted to APHIS/CBP ) indicates information that is intended for and available to an APHIS/CBP audience only.
Cucumis melo ssp. melo var. cantalupensis Commodity Summary Guide Page Country Summary

Active Alerts:
  Short Description    
ATTENTION: Currently, the preclearance program for this commodity is not operational. DETAILS  
ATTENTION: No imports are authorized at this time. Import permits will not be issued. DETAILS  

Import Requirements
1 Admissible Plant Parts: Fruit
2 Admissible Ports: NA and NP
3 Import Permit Required: NOTICE: program phytosanitary requirements designed for this commodity to meet U.S. entry requirements have not been met. Therefore, import permits will not be issued at this time.
4 Subject to Inspection: This commodity is subject to inspection at the port of entry and all general requirements of 7 CFR 319.56-3.
5 Commercial Consignments Only
6 Packaging or Labeling Requirements: The boxes in which the fruit is packed must be stamped with the name of the commodity followed by: "Not to be distributed in the following States or territories: Alabama; American Samoa; Arizona; California; Florida; Georgia; Guam; Hawaii; Louisiana; Mississippi; New Mexico; Puerto Rico; South Carolina; Texas; or U.S. Virgin Islands."
7 Port Restriction: Do not import or distribute into or within Hawaii, Puerto Rico, or any U.S. territory.
Commodity Information
8 For additional commodity information and images, visit  
Additional Requirements
9 The cantaloupe must have been grown in an area where trapping for the South American cucurbit fly (Anastrepha grandis) has been conducted for at least the previous 12 months by the National Plant Protection Organization (NPPO) of Ecuador, under the direction of APHIS, with no findings of the pest.

Information on the trapping program may be obtained by writing to the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service, International Services, Stop 3432, 1400 Independence Avenue, SW., Washington, DC 20250-3432.

The following area qualifies as an area eligible for production of cantaloupe: the area within 5 kilometers of either side of the following roads:

Beginning in Guayaquil, the road north through Nobol, Paestina, and Balzar to Velasco-Ibarra (Empalme);
Beginning in Guayaquil, the road south through E1 26, Peurto Inca, Naranjal, and Camilo Ponce to Enriquez;
Beginning in Guayaquil, the road east through Palestina to Vinces;
Beginning in Guayaquil, the road west through Piedrahita (Novol) to Pedro Carbo; or
Beginning in Guayaquil, the road west through Progreso, Enguanga, Tugaduaja, and Zapatol to El Azucar.

The cantaloupe may not be moved into Alabama, American Samoa, Arizona, California, Florida, Georgia, Guam, Hawaii, Louisiana, Mississippi, New Mexico, Puerto Rico, South Carolina, Texas, or the U.S. Virgin Islands.
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